Welcome to Three Books a Night! I am a passionate book lover with a soft spot for children’s picture books. I have a degree in graphic design and illustration. I worked for five years in print and web design, honing my passion for beautiful design. With the advent of my first child, I became a full-time mom and housewife and am taking the time to pursue my illustration dreams. I am the illustrator of Not So Scary Jerry by Shelley Kinder and A Star Full of Sky by Raven Howell. I spend ridiculous amounts of time reading, collecting, studying, researching, and talking about picture books. I’ve created this space as a way to share my love and accumulating knowledge of children’s books.

I hope to review books of all sorts, from vintage to new, well-known to obscure alike and will inject interesting facts and history about the authors and illustrators as well. I will also be sharing tips about books, including what to read with different ages and topics, books to be on the look out for, and other random book-related tidbits.

I recently made a colossal move from the hills of Tennessee to the Upper West Side of New York City and on the heels of that added another child to our little family. We are enthusiastically embracing the city life and loving every minute and every bookstore it has to offer. I love to cook, decorate, and create things. My ever-growing collection of over 800 children’s books was saved from the moving purge and we have determinedly crammed them into our tiny apartment (much to our movers’ dismay). I simply consider our home the not-open-to-the-public version of The Shop Around the Corner.

As for favorite picture books, I could no sooner choose a favorite star. I love so many! I’m a big fan of books by Julie Morstad, Anna Walker, Sophie Blackall, Christian Robinson, Kadir Nelson, Ruth Krauss, Maurice Sendak, Roger Duvoisin, Adrienne Adams, and the Provensens, to name a few. Here are a few of my favorites, although the list is ever-growing: Petunia, The Lighthouse, This is Sadie, I Can Fly, and Last Stop on Market Street. I hope you’ll join me in discovering new favorites and perhaps once-familiar books.

You can find my illustrations at smellingoranges.com.