Review Policy

I started this site specifically to talk about the books that I was acquiring and loving. Most of these turned out to be vintage books, but the occasional new book would find its way in. Over the years I started to receive inquiries to check out new books or receive review copies. I am open to inquiries about review copies, but I have a few standard rules that should help save us all a bunch of time.

1. I reserve the right to review or not to review.

I am always open to looking at a book, but I never promise a review. I only review what I love and feel passionate enough to write about. I will not post a negative review. I will not push a book simply because it was given to me. This goes with the whole “I was given a review copy, but all opinions are my own” statements that so many reviewers use.

2. I must have a physical copy of the book.

I am extremely picky about the photographs on my site. And I need to be able to photograph it in the way I want to write about it. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a pristine hardcover beauty. Although I will gladly take and treasure those, I am completely fine with reviewing F&Gs, advanced reader copies, and paperbacks too. I want to see and hold the book in its final size and hopefully its final quality for the illustrations.

3. I do not review e-books.

This coincides with number 2 above, but also because I refuse to jump on the e-book bandwagon, especially when it comes to picture books. I have never felt right about digital picture books and the research is showing that children overwhelmingly prefer physical books as well. Thank goodness. I, of course, reserve the right to review an e-book whenever I decide; but it would have to be a fantastic, knock-my-socks off book with illustrations that make me gasp, and an outstanding reason why it is digital. A book is for reading and all the games, hidden features, noises, and fancy widgets of an e-book are proven to just be distracting and keep the child from fully getting lost in the story. Give me a real book, please.

4. I post on my own schedule.

If you check my timestamps on my posts, you will immediately see that there is no pattern whatsoever to my posting. I would love to have a regular time and schedule for my posts and I have tried that in the past, but in reality, life is a moving target and I post when I can. Do not ask for a specific date for a post. It will not happen with me.

5. It’s not personal.

If you contact me and don’t hear anything back, forgive me. I’m human and my inbox is usually winning. I may have flagged your email for later and you’ll hear from me eventually. Or I may not be interested and just honestly don’t have the time to send a polite “No” to everyone that inquires. Also, please do not be offended if your book doesn’t get reviewed. Even if I loved it, you may never see a review. Most likely, I am drowning in book stacks and yours hasn’t surfaced yet. Be patient. Oh, and if you don’t see a review of any sort on my site for a long period of time, please inquire to make sure I’m not stuck under aforementioned piles.

6. I love to group books.

Part of the purpose of my site is that I love to give ideas for complimentary books. Blame it on my storytime experience or just my profound love for the matching game as a child. In the past I have done intense lists with each book getting a quick sentence or two. Now, I prefer to do groups of three, appropriately fitting with my site name. A book I receive to review is just as likely to end up in a group post as a single post and that does not mean that I don’t think it stands alone. It is my system. I love it, and it works for me.

If you made it this far, congratulations. You must have a book that you really, really love and are dying for me to see. Fantastic! Please contact me. I am always thrilled to talk books.