25 Days – Book 5: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Day 5 brings us a sneaky tale from the infamous Dr. Seuss, How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

The tale written and illustrated in 1957 has become a classic about the Scrooge-like creature known as the Grinch who despises the joy and merriment of Christmas and decides to sabotage the poor town of Who-ville’s holiday. Thankfully, the true spirit of the holiday works wonders on the Grinch’s heart and the tale ends delightfully with a carved roast beast!

I grew up mostly familiar with the animated movie version of this story, so when I truly discovered the book a few years ago, I was captivated by the marvelous limited color palette and ink shading. I am a huge fan of two-color books and this one does not disappoint. I did not miss the characteristic green Grinch of the films at all, but quite relish the immense ink detailing of the pictures and the bold red accents.

This is very much one of my favorite books to read around Christmas. It is a fun and silly tale, but with such a big heart and loving morals! And of course it is in marvelous Seuss rhyme! Such a joy to read every time.

Dr. Seuss, properly named Theodor Seuss Geisel, has many books to his name as well as his multiple pen names: Theo LeSieg, Rosetta Stone, & Theophrastus Seuss. When pronounced as his middle name, Seuss is said “Zoice,” not “Soose.” But apparently he accepted the pronunciation “Doctor Soose” for his pseudonym as it was easier to figure out and perhaps it was nice to rhyme with good old Mother Goose.

There is a spectacular bio about Dr. Seuss on the Seussville website. It is well worth a read. He sounds like quite the character, known for telling a good story less than the simple truth. I’ve become very endeared to him after learning of his struggles with childlessness and adolescent social injustices. Silly as it sounds, I’m touched by his statement when confronted with questions about why he wrote for children when he had none, “You make ’em. I’ll amuse ’em.”

If I haven’t yet convinced you to pick this classic up, I’ll leave you with one last note – Dr. Seuss’ inspiration for writing this story (taken from the aforementioned bio):

“I was brushing my teeth on the morning of the 26th of
last December when I noted a very Grinchish countenance
in the mirror. It was Seuss! Something had gone wrong with
Christmas, I realized, or more likely with me. So I wrote
the story about my sour friend, the Grinch, to see if I
could rediscover something about Christmas that obviously I’d lost.”

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One thought on “25 Days – Book 5: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  1. Terrific book! I wish that just once I could read it with the mind of a 1950s-era parent, and be scandalized (in a good way) by Dr. Seuss’ quirky upending of convention (which probably isn’t as shocking 60 years later as it was back then.)

    Gotta love the unorthodox rhyming, too — when’s the last time you heard a poet pair “nimbly” with “chimbley”?!


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