25 Days – Book 17: A Star In The Pasture

Day 17 and we have another of my favorite books from my childhood, A Star in the Pasture, by Katherine Zwers and John Tobin, and illustrated by Carol Heyer. This book was created in 1988 and really was one of my favorites as a child.

This is a story of a little star on a big mission who falls from the sky and is cared for by a lowly shepherd and his pet lamb.

It is funny reading a story as an adult that you treasured as a child. I remember my fondness for this book quite well and several pictures bring a smile to my face as I recall their affect on me many years ago. This story is sweet. The shepherd, Sebastien, and his lamb, Hopscotch (don’t you love that name!), live a quiet life which is suddenly interrupted by a brilliantly lit star whom has fallen into their pasture. The poor little guy is quite distraught and has a big mission to accomplish the next night. Sebastien and Hopscotch befriend him and give him some rest and refreshment while trying to come up with a way to get him back into the sky before the next nightfall.

I remember as a kid loving the several attempts they come up, including balloons and a slingshot. I use to laugh and laugh at the misadventures. The end of the story is very sweet when the problem is solved and we discover the star’s important mission for the first Christmas.

This is actually a bit of a hard review for me as this book falls into the category of a book that I loved as a child, but I see a bit more flawed now as a more discerning adult. It really is a sweet story and I still love the illustrations; but it is long, a bit choppy, and the ending is actually really abrupt. However, I don’t remember caring about any of those things as a child. Interestingly enough, when researching this book I discovered that they re-released it last year under a new name of Christmas Star. I would be very interested to see if they polished it up a bit with a new publication. There is also a sequel which tells of the story of Easter with this same shepherd and lamb duo in Golden Easter Egg.

As I was looking for information on co-author Katherine Zwers, I found this very recent interview with her on Savvy Suburban. Nice to hear about her, but I’m a bit confused why they didn’t mention that this book isn’t actually “new.” I can’t find any information on the other co-author, John Tobin.

The illustrator, Carol Heyer, is quite an artist. She has several books to her name and her work is lovely. Such detail and stunning painting skills. One of her newer books, which she wrote and illustrated, is Humphrey’s First Christmas, and it looks marvelous. Be sure to watch the interview with Ms. Heyer and a camel as well. I’ll definitely be looking out for that book!

A Star in the Pasture is a sweet, simple book—and quite lovable—if you ask little-kid-me. Give it a try this season if you pick it up (or even its “new” version, Christmas Star, which I’d like to hear about if you do).

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4 thoughts on “25 Days – Book 17: A Star In The Pasture

  1. Hi Caryn,
    I wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for the kind words you said about our book Christmas Star. I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you put into your review. On a side note we did update and edit the story. I believe it is less “choppy” now. The original story is approximately 1,500 words and we reduced the text to closer to 400 words. Your site is beautiful and inspiring. And the smile on your photo is happy and uplifting. Thank you again for your wonderful blog that promotes reading to our precious children. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Katherine


    1. Thanks so much for the note Katherine! It is like a dream to hear from someone who was such a part of my childhood with her creation. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the updated version. Sounds like quite a job to cut so much. Thanks for the heads up about it! Hope your holidays were lovely!


  2. Hi Caryn,
    I was just checking my Google Alerts and saw this great review of A Star in the Pasture! It was my very first picture book and such an exciting time for me! Since then I’ve had twenty-eight picture books published! It was wonderful to hear that you like my art too! Humphrey’s First Christmas was another first for me, it was my first original story! Thanks again for including me in your wonderful blog!


    1. Thanks so much for the note Carol! I’m so impressed that this was your first picture book. The images will always hold a very special place in my heart. Thanks for your beautiful creations.


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