25 Days – Book 20: Clifford’s Christmas

Our 20th book for this Christmas book list is another childhood favorite of mine. Oh how I loved the Clifford books! So we must celebrate the coming holiday with the big red dog in Clifford’s Christmas, created in 1984 by Norman Bridwell.

In this Christmas edition of the classic Clifford stories, Emily Elizabeth starts off the holiday season at Thanksgiving when Santa ends the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

She shares all about decorating with Clifford, doing wintery activities, holiday surprises, and finally meeting Santa Claus.


In the always friendly Clifford style, this book is an easy read with cute, bright illustrations. Emily Elizabeth narrates and her tone is sweet, unassuming and easily relatable. I dearly loved all the Clifford books as a kid. Isn’t it every kid’s dream to have a huge dog as, not only their pet, but their best friend?

Normal Bridwell
is the creator of the Clifford series. His first one was published in 1963 as a lucky situation according to Bridwell. Shortly after the birth of his daughter, Emily, Bridwell hoped to make some extra money and took some illustrations to publishing houses looking for work. Several rejections followed, but one editor suggested he write a story to go with some of his illustrations. “She picked out his sketch of a baby girl and a horse-sized bloodhound and casually said, ‘There might be a story in this,’ Bridwell remembers.” There are now more than 126 million Clifford books in print!

Clifford books truly are delightful and there is most likely one for just about every interest. “Clifford does what you’d like to do but can’t. Because Clifford is so big and also because he’s a dog, he’s able to do the most unbelievable and imaginative things. But not too unbelievable or imaginative. You won’t see Clifford traveling in outer space, for example. Bridwell is firm about his decision that Clifford won’t do anything that a real dog wouldn’t do.” (source)

So join this lovable dog for Christmas. In the words of Emily Elizabeth, “He makes every day Christmas Day.”

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2 thoughts on “25 Days – Book 20: Clifford’s Christmas

  1. Clifford is my favorite dog! Big, red, stuffed, lovable, but without the trouble of a real dog in my house! I love all the adventures this author envisions for a dog’s life and how acutely a dog decisions of innocent fun involve the owner in some way! Because of the easy narrative style, these books are very enjoyable, repetitive readers for this Grandma!


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