25 Days – Book 9: The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

Today I have the delight of sharing Peter H. Reynolds newest book created especially for this season and most importantly this materialistic time of year. The Smallest Gift of Christmas is a fun, poignant reminder that the tiniest gift just might be the biggest and even that the best gifts are sometimes the things we already have.

This is a story about Roland who is incredibly eager for Christmas Day. His anticipation is so great that you can just feel the immense deflation when he runs downstairs on Christmas to find a tiny little gift with his name on it. “It was the smallest gift he had ever seen.”

In a moment of desperation, Roland wishes hard that he would receive a bigger gift. And a Christmas miracle occurs for when he opens his eyes, he actually has a larger gift. But it isn’t big enough, so he wishes again. Roland’s greed seems to grow right along with his gift. Bigger and bigger they grow together until finally Roland realizes the truth about what he wants most of all, and just in time before it all disappears.

The Smallest Gift of Christmas spread

Oh Peter Reynolds, you never disappoint! I sadly have yet to write about any of my Reynolds’ book collection which really is a crime considering that The Dot is one of the biggest inspirations for my illustration determination. (Look that one up pronto if you don’t know it and I’ll make a note to share it ASAP in the New Year.) Reynolds is a skilled storyteller in words and pictures. His images always have a light and breathable feel which is great because their content is almost always incredibly deep so the white space is quite welcome.

The Smallest Gift of Christmas is indeed a small book for Christmas filled with an important message but it doesn’t smack you in the head with it. Roland is easy to detest and yet relate to. This is definitely one worth a read or two as you prepare yourself and any little ones around you for a holiday that everyone wants to be huge.

Follow along our book adventure at 25 Days of Christmas in 2013.

2 thoughts on “25 Days – Book 9: The Smallest Gift Of Christmas

  1. Thank you for sharing my book and for the kind words! The best gifts cannot be wrapped. 🙂 I am writing this on a train heading north to Boston–snow falling… Very “polar express.” 🙂 thanks for making my day!


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