25 Days – Book 11: Little Santa

Our book for today is a simple, silly, entertaining look at the big guy in red, when he was just a little guy in red. Here is a tale about the youngest of the Clauses and how he accumulated special reindeer, met those handy little elves, saved his family from a blizzard, and eventually didn’t migrate to Florida with the rest of his warm weathered loved ones. This is Jon Agee entertainment called Little Santa, 2013.

The story begins with Mr. and Mrs. Claus unhappily living at the North Pole with their seven children. They hate the rough, wintery life and all determine to move to the sunny state of Florida. All except for the youngest, little Santa. He loves everything about the North Pole and is miserable about leaving.

As fate would have it, a blizzard hits while they are packing and the whole family is stuck in their home. Little Santa is of course a gymnast when it comes to chimneys and he is able to escape. His young luck continues as he meets a magical reindeer, a house full of crafty elves, and is outfitted with the ability to not only rescue his snow-laden family; but become the jolly North Pole dweller everyone sings about.

Little Santa inside spread

I really cannot pinpoint what it is that makes this book great, but it truly is delightful. It could be the simple, yet silly story. Perhaps it is Agee’s sharp, cartoon illustrations that just make you grin. Or maybe it is the light-hearted way that the story attempts to fill in all those background details that some people would just love to know about the man in red. Whatever it is, this book is just plain enjoyable.

Jon Agee is a delightful illustrator with many books to his name and a style that is always a crowd-pleaser. Pick up this new Christmas book and settle in for a fun read.

Follow along our book adventure at 25 Days of Christmas in 2013.

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