25 Days – Book 23: The Gift Of Nothing

What do you give someone who has everything? A question that we should all be considering as we have so much stuff! Well, here is the perfect book for just such a minimalist thought process, The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell from 2005.

McDonnell’s infamous cat Mooch is searching for the perfect gift for his friend Earl. Only problem is, Earl already has everything a dog could need or even want. So Mooch decides the best gift is the gift of nothing. But where do you get nothing? On TV? At the store? Around the kids who are always bored? It’s a book that is charming, simple, humorous and profound for this gift-giving season.

The Gift of Nothing inside spread 1

I love the limited color palette of these illustrations and the fact that it isn’t distinctly a Christmas book, but can work for any occasion, although it does have a wintery time of year depicted.

The Gift of Nothing inside spread 3

There is something about brilliant comic strip artists who write picture books. They always seem to work so well! Patrick McDonnell has such a simplistic and tight style, with gobs of white space, that packs a profound punch in message and interest. I deeply love his picture books and they stay with me long after I encounter them.

Just a couple days left until Christmas and I wish you much joy in seeking out those last minute gifts. Just remember, the best gift is often just being together with the ones you love.

Follow along our book adventure at 25 Days of Christmas in 2013.

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