How To Make A Children’s Book Character Costume (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again for all sorts of crazy costuming. While this holiday is still not my favorite, I have taken great pleasure in coming up with some more children’s book characters that would be somewhat simple to create costumes. Actually, I may have gone a little overboard with these ideas but once I got started, I just couldn’t stop thinking of more! So, I’m going to break it up into several posts.

As in my last posts with costume ideas, I’m not going to make the costumes to show you. I sincerely do not have time for all that, though it would be a blast. I am simply going to post an image of the character along with what I consider the supplies list and ideas for making a similar look. I prefer being an idea-giver! I would love it if you do create one and send me a photo! Cute kids in costumes are awesome.

In Part 1, there are a couple classic characters that I just don’t see much of, as well as some brand new characters. In my last costume posts, I tried to think of recognizable characters. This year, I decided to just create fun, lovable characters whether well-known or not. Consider it an education for people who don’t know the books as well as you and your kids! So here we go with Part 1 which happen to be all girl characters:

Rosie costume from The Sign on Rosie’s Door by Maurice Sendak


Take your costume on with style and attitude. Sendak’s spunky girl from 1969 would be a thrill to wear and emulate. Theatrics, singing, and a diva to the core; I think we all could add a little Rosie to our lives every once and a while.

Flora costume from Flora and the Penguin by Molly Idle


If you haven’t met Flora yet, run to a bookstore or library immediately. Molly Idle has created this sweet girl character who graces now two wordless books. Flora and the Flamingo (2013) won a Caldecott Honor and Flora is back this fall interacting in gorgeous shades of blue with a charming penguin in Flora and the Penguin. This might be one of my favorite costumes to picture. Would certainly be the warmest!

Olivia costume from Olivia by Ian Falconer


Oh Olivia. A 2000 Caldecott Honor book, this pig has panache to rival Miss Piggy. As a mom, I cringe at her antics and attitude; but she is much beloved and has style to boot. I couldn’t choose just one look, so grab some pig ears and pick your red accessory to strut your stuff.

Alice from Beekle by Dan Santat


You may not have met Alice yet, but she is a very special little girl. Dan Santat’s new book, Beekle, is absolutely heartwarming and she plays a sweet friend. I just love her look and delight in such a simple outfit. If it were me, I would create a mini Beekle character to join along. Maybe use my dog, or a sibling, or even a stuffed animal… or have a friend dress as Beekle!

Sister Bear from The Berenstain Bears books by Stan & Jan Berenstain


My oldest is currently obsessed with Berenstain books and would flip over being Sister Bear. Whether you want to go full out and don a bear costume plus her outfit, I leave up to you. However you style it, this girl is a classic.

Zita costume from Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke


I may be cheating a hair here as Zita is actually from a graphic novel, but oh this costume would be awesome! Ben Hatke’s accidental heroine is brave, loyal, creative and a great friend. This is a great model for any little girl.

Hope you find these as fun as I do! See Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4!

3 thoughts on “How To Make A Children’s Book Character Costume (Part 1)

  1. love all of your costume ideas and your blog! i too am an AVID lover of children’s books. I teach at a literature based preschool, worked a children’s book section of two major bookstores for ten years, and managed the infamous Storyopolis for two years! Phew! I have far too many lists and posts in draft mode recommending books. I lvoe how you present your Read Three…I can’t remember when and how I found your blog but am so happy I did! Thank you!


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