25 Days – Book 21: A Christmas Stocking Story

A third book in the Christmas Nutshell Library is the perfect little tale for our Christmas picture book countdown. A story of sweet animal friends who have a Santa-stocking mix up on Christmas Eve. Take a peek at A Christmas Stocking Story by Hilary Knight, 1963.

This is the story of Stork, Hippo, Lion and Fish, Elephant, Snake, Fox, and Bug. The friends all prepare their stockings and hang them up even though they are disappointed in their state.


Santa arrives and fills the stockings according to size, which leaves the animals in great dismay at what each one holds. And then on Christmas morning they realize that each wants something another has, and so they fix the mix up and have a grand time together with their new, perfect-for-them gifts.


This story is excellent Hilary Knight work. Not only are the characters marvelously illustrated and sporting great personality, but the story itself is cute and heartwarming. The simplicity is such a treat.

“Now all was happy,
all was gay,
on this cheery
Christmas Day.”

Follow along our book adventure at 25 Days of Christmas Books 2014!

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