25 Days – Book 7: Richard Scarry’s Christmas Present Book

Tonight I bring lots of pictures of a lovely little vintage book for the 25 Days countdown. I finally tracked this book down this year and I cannot resist sharing several spreads, knowing how delightful they are and also how difficult this book is to come by. So enjoy this beauty: Richard Scarry’s Christmas Present Book by Richard Scarry, 1965.

I am a bit of a sucker for Golden Shape Books. Most of the vintage ones have stunning illustrations and boast such a unique shape! This one does not disappoint.

The story itself is very simple. It is the night before Christmas and only two little mice are stirring around the house. They check out the Christmas decor and all the presents that Santa has left, and end up wondering if he remembered anything for them. He did of course, and thanks to Santa, everyone has a Merry Christmas!

25DaysDay7PresentBook 2

It is a cute plot, erring heavily on simplicity and the vibrance of the season. And really, the showstopper here is early Richard Scarry vintage art. I really cannot get enough of his mid-century illustration.

25DaysDay7PresentBook 3

And yes, even Santa gives books! I am a big proponent of books for anyone and everyone.

25DaysDay7PresentBook 4

This art, though incredibly materialistic, is so adorable and cheery, it tends to make me Christmasy no matter what the day looks like.

25DaysDay7PresentBook 5

So thanks to Richard Scarry for ensuring a very Merry Christmas attitude with a book like this!

Hope to see you tomorrow on my 25 Days of Christmas Children’s Books countdown!

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