25 Days – Book 9: The Santa Claus Book

Christmas book countdown day 9 is here and who better to count off the day than a gorgeously illustrated Santa! I have warned you that I am very obsessed with Golden Shape Books, so yes, here is another for the list. We don’t do much with Santa around here, but my oldest daughter loves the stories about Santa and enjoys pretending about him. And boy, when I saw this cover, I just couldn’t resist the beautiful vintage goodness. So here is The Santa Claus Book by Eileen Daly, illustrated by Florence Sarah Winship, 1972.

I honestly love the cover much more than the inside, but the story and illustrations inside are pretty cute too. Santa is on his usual rounds dropping off toys at houses. When he stops for a moment to check his very long and curly list, he notices a puppy chewing on the end. The puppy is definitely lost, so he sticks it inside the toy bag and tries to decide where it belongs at each house.

25DaysDay9SantaClausBook 2

Finally he reaches Mike’s house and spies a note on Mike’s stocking.

25DaysDay9SantaClausBook 3

The mystery home is solved and everyone is happy and jolly again with their toys, pets returned, and jobs done.

Both the author and illustrator here are some of the mysterious unknown creators of numerous books in the past. I can only find lists of their works as their lives seem to be pre-internet. But I appreciate simple, sweet holiday stories like this, even if they are only enjoyable to my little ones for the toy eye-candy and doggy fix!

Hope to see you tomorrow on my 25 Days of Christmas Children’s Books countdown!

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