Wordless Wednesday: Spring by Gerda Muller

Spring has arrived! (on this side of the world at least.) I have so many books to share and celebrate the new season, and I already feel woefully behind with sickness and other responsibilities keeping me from finishing posting. But here, I bring the first in a short, wordless, board book form. It is a delightful depiction of spring, beautiful for any to behold. Take a look at Spring by Gerda Muller, 1994.

SpringMuller 2

I am going to keep this post exceptionally short as the book itself is only six spreads! But they are gorgeous. Evoking all the newness and beauty that spring brings, and full of so much green!

SpringMuller 5

The main character of the book is a curly-headed little girl who can be seen doing all the quintessentially delightful things involving spring: planting, picking flowers, riding in the sunshine, feeding all the new baby animals, and even painting Easter eggs.

I love this book because of its breathtaking imagery from Gerda Muller and also that it wraps up spring in such a sweet, exciting way that just makes me all the more excited for the season and its many changes.

SpringMuller 6

I should note that this is one of four board books by Gerda Muller, the full set encompassing all the seasons. I posted about a book a few years ago, Circle of Seasons by Gerda Muller, that seems to be a compilation of all these books together with some text. I’m not sure which came first, though it seems the board books must have. I began searching for these board books for my own collection as I loved her work so much! I think the board books may actually be my favorite as they really don’t need words and I love the full, beautiful pages. We now have this one and Winter and they are so lovely to have laying around during their chosen season as a way of remembering all the joys each new season brings.

Happy spring everyone! I cannot wait to share some more beautiful books with you this season!

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Spring by Gerda Muller

  1. I adore wordless picture books! I love using them with my writing students, they’re such perfect inspiration for budding writers and language learners. 🙂


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