25 Days – Book 9: Stop That Yawn!

This is one of the most fun bedtime books I’ve ever read. A story about a girl who is tired of bedtime and tired of sleeping, so she steals away with her Granny to a city that doesn’t sleep… until that fateful moment when Granny releases a yawn. You’re going to love today’s book! Here is Stop That Yawn! by Caron Levis, illustrated by LeUyen Pham, 2018.

What is it about?

Gabby Wild is tired of sleeping. She wants to go somewhere. So she convinces her Granny and they set out, on her bed no less, to Never Sleeping City. It is a happening place with music, rides, and lots of no sleeping activities. Gabby and Granny are living it up, and then Granny makes the mistake of letting out a yawn. 

The yawn is quickly contagious and Gabby attempts to race through the city, convincing people to 

“Grit your teeth, 
seal your lips, 
whatever you do, don’t…”

But all through the city, the yawn takes over and the townspeople become drowsy and cuddle up to sleep. Gabby gets desperate and turns to the only person left to stay awake with her… the reader.

Why I picked it

This book is all kinds of fun. The storyline is totally relatable for most kids, never wanting to go to sleep, and such a fun idea of escaping to another city.  And the concept of the contagious yawn is giggle-inducing, not to mention my four year old cannot read this book without yawning with every character! It is hysterical.

One of my favorite things about this book is the art. LeUyen Pham is a favorite illustrator of ours. I love all of her work and my girls are particularly obsessed with her Princess in Black book series with author Shannon Hale. She is incredibly talented and has such a fun, beautiful, and clever style. I love the comic format of the sequences in this book. There is so much packed in and her style is SO detailed. She builds incredible worlds in her art. 

Who will love this?

I can’t imagine any kid who wouldn’t love this book! It’s an excellent bedtime book that actually works well for calming as it starts wild and settles with every yawn. It is engaging to look at and to read aloud. Everyone will love this book!

Bonus Gift Pairings

There aren’t many items that I would pair with this, but I did come up with two. First would be a cute stuffed kitten to snuggle with, one that kind of matches the hilarious cat sidekick of Gabby Wild. That cat is so fun to find in each illustration! Another possible gift is a whistle like Gabby Wild is wearing. Not sure how helpful that would be at bedtime, but my kids would love one!

Happy reading! See you tomorrow for the next book from this year in my 25 Days of Favorite New Picture Books countdown!

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