2019 Favs – Book 6: Saturday

A perfectly titled book for this first Saturday of December. A book about plans, anticipation, dealing with change, and ultimately just being together. Come along for Saturday by Oge Mora, 2019.

What is it about?

Saturday is a super special day to Ava and her mother. Since her mother works the other 6 days of the week, Saturday is the day that they spend together. They have their Saturday routine: library storytime, salon hairdos, peaceful picnic, and this particular Saturday, they are attending a puppet show! It is going to be a perfect day! But then nothing goes according to plan. Ava and her mother have to deal with their frustration of ruined expectations and adjust to still have a pretty perfect day, together.

Why I picked it?

I absolutely adore this book. My very favorite part is the overall message of flexibility and dealing with big feelings. This is a really big topic in our home. We are constantly talking about strategies for frustration and maintaining flexibility as things change often in our daily city life. I love the way Mora approached the topic. There is patience with each other and themselves. There is togetherness in how they handle it. There is a practical tactic of closing eyes, taking a deep breath and calmly repeating a phrase to each other. Hooray for excellent modeling!

I also love the mother/daughter dual main character mode of the story. And within that, I love the fact that it is Ava’s mother who breaks down. The honesty in this is beautiful and humbling. Adults get overwhelmed and frustrated too! And kids can help. Ava is the calm, kind and genuine heroine of this story, doing as she has been taught previously, and she is so loving and gentle to her mother. Another hooray!

I could go on and on about all the things I love about this book, but the other key point is obviously the art. Mora is such a fantastic illustrator and this book breathes with style, movement, and energy. But it also has depth, detail and heart. Created in collage with acrylic paint, china markers, patterned paper, and old-book clippings, the illustrations are immensely beautiful and interesting; but they are also intimate and lovely too.

Who will love this?

What child doesn’t love to get a special day with their grown-up? This book is made for parents and their kids, but also wonderfully suited for teachers as they discuss flexibility and big feelings and strategies!

Bonus Gift Pairings

This book would be a super fun gift with a note and a plan for a special day together. It also would pair well with this awesome Recycled Wool Puppet Kit (spoiler for the ending, but a great gift addition) and really intriguing gift idea. However you gift it, this book is thoughtful in its approach and great fun in its delivery.

Thanks for following along with my favorite books from the year. See you soon with another book gift suggestion!

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