How To Create A Children’s Book Character Costume (Part 1)

Yesterday a dear friend contacted me and asked if I had any suggestions for a children’s book character costume. My mind started racing trying to think of fun and potentially easy characters that could be donned. Here are a few I’ve come up with that I think would be relatively simple to create and unique as well. (Don’t forget to check thrift stores for supplies!)

Where’s Waldo? costume

Ah, the classic Waldo. How can you not love him? This 1988 iconic guy, created by Martin Handford, would be simple to recreate with the right clothing. And I’ve definitely seen kits of the costume around. Hopefully you won’t be constantly searching for your kid all night though.

Harold and the Purple Crayon costume

Crockett Johnson was a genius in so many ways. His 1955 Harold character starred in his most popular book and continues to be loved by the thousands. I think this character would be fun no matter what your hairstyle, but I’ll leave it to your discretion.

Corduroy costume

This one may be the simplest, but the least recognizable, unless you are a bear of course. Don Freeman’s Corduroy from 1968 is the most cuddly little one-buttoned bear around.

Peter from The Snowy Day costume

Little Peter, created by Ezra Jack Keats in 1962, was inspired by a Life Magazine photo article from 1940. He appears in 6 more of Keats’ books but never more lovable as in his red snowsuit. Beware of children’s books bibliophiles who no doubtedly will pick up your child and hug them if they appear in this darling outfit.

Flat Stanley costume

Probably the least well-known of these characters I’ve chosen is Flat Stanley, a book from 1964, written by Jeff Brown and illustrated by the infamous Tomi Ungerer. The book is delightful and although I’m doubtful how easy this character might be to pull off, I think it would be fabulously fun to try!

Part 2 is coming up soon….

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