Let’s Read Three: Favorite Thankful Books

We are deep into autumn in the Western hemisphere. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in America, and while it is a holiday fraught with controversial myths and history; our family celebrates in the tradition of harvest feasts. We love autumn and we fill our home with food and friendship as we remind our hearts to be filled with gratitude. And what better way to remember how to be thankful than with picture books. I’ve covered all three of these books in the past and they continue to be the ones I reach for this time of year. So, let’s reflect and let’s read three thankful books.

A picture book called The Monsters' Monster by Patrick McDonell. Has a large Frankenstein type monster leaning over and looking at four little monsters.

The Monster’s Monster by Patrick McDonnell, 2012

This book remains a favorite of mine. While a monster book seems more apt for October, this book is all kinds of charming. Three (or four) little destructive creatures decide to make the ultimate monster. But their plans go quickly awry when the monster comes to life, not with mayhem on his mind, but gratitude. Somehow this one always makes me a little teary in the end. Patrick McDonnell books often have that affect on me. You can see more about this book in my older post.

spread from The Monsters' Monster. Big monster is hugging the little monsters on the left page. On the right page he is basking in the light from the window while the other three cower.
Thankful book cover

Thankful by Eileen Spinelli, illustrated by Archie Preston (or Simon James perhaps mysteriously so), 2015

This books is just simple and sweet. Two children at play and thinking of all the ways they (or the characters they are being) are thankful. The text is charming, the illustrations are fun, and the whole thing just leaves you with warm and fuzzy feelings for family. You can see a bit more of it on another Thanksgiving post.

spread of Thankful. Two children in their living room on the left. The boy is painting a big canvas. The girl is posing as a ballerina on the edge of the sofa. The right page has the boy proudly showing the results to the ballerina.
Red small book Thank You For So Many Things by Rosalind Welcher

Thank You For So Many Things by Rosalind Welcher, 1968

Another little favorite book, this vintage gem is just charming. A red cover with pink pages inside, Welcher has filled it with sweet sentiments about people and adorable characters. I just love this little one. You can also see a bit more about it in this other Thanksgiving post. It remains a strong favorite!

Pink pages of a small book with simple ink drawings of children helping each other with sweaters, throwing snowballs, and walker arm over arm.

And a couple bonus nonfiction reads for this time of year!

Two picture books on a wood floor. Balloons Over Broadway and 1621, A New Look at Thanksgiving.

Read more about the history of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in this excellent picture book: Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet. And get a better perspective on the possibilities of the early feast in 1621 through this lovely book 1621: A New Look At Thanksgiving by Catherine O’Neill Grace, Margaret M. Bruchac, and Plimoth Plantation.

Hope everyone is having a lovely November and I hope to be back here in just a couple days with my book gift list for new releases from 2022!

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