Book Review: The Monsters’ Monster By Patrick McDonnell

The Monsters’ Monster
Written and Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell | 2012

Today’s book review is a brand-spanking new book by Patrick McDonnell. This is a little later than I anticipated, but I feel it should still be highlighted as I really like it! I’m not a big fan of Halloween. However, I recognize that a lot of people enjoy this holiday and I do like to highlight books that I actually like and fit well with this theme. So, from the marvelous creator of the MUTTS comic strip, and many other lovely picture books, comes this new tale about The Monsters’ Monster.

This story features these 3 (or 4?) characters, Grouch, Grump, and Gloom ‘n’ Doom. They are supposedly very naughty and rambunctious little monsters, but I think they are adorable. How can you not love monsters in stripes and footed pajamas with a back flap!

Amid their efforts of annoying destructiveness, they decide to make the biggest, baddest monster they can come up with and now we have, that’s right, a “Frankenstein” of a monster.

But this is where the charm of this monster tale enters. The monsters’ monster is not what they expected, and me either. Pick this one up and be surprised and delighted by this lovable, and polite, monster as he teaches the power of being grateful.

As I said, I don’t like scary things and have never been too fond of monsters. (Although Monsters Inc. will always be a dear movie to me.) I really picked this one up simply because I’m a fan of Patrick McDonnell (who poses with a Jack Russell!). His first book, The Gift of Nothing (2005), was given to me as a gift a while ago and I love it dearly. Most of his picture books feature his famous MUTTS characters and are all charming. I love his light, yet expressive style of art. His characters are drawn so loosely, yet the whole package is extremely tight. Looking forward to many more of McDonnell’s stellar books!

One thought on “Book Review: The Monsters’ Monster By Patrick McDonnell

  1. […] This book remains a favorite of mine. While a monster book seems more apt for October, this book is all kinds of charming. Three (or four) little destructive creatures decide to make the ultimate monster. But their plans go quickly awry when the monster comes to life, not with mayhem on his mind, but gratitude. Somehow this one always makes me a little teary in the end. Patrick McDonnell books often have that affect on me. You can see more about this book in my older post. […]


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