25 Days – Book 14: ABC Is For Christmas

ABC is for Christmas is our 14th book for the Christmas Book Advent journey. This is a Golden Book classic from 1974, written by Jane Werner Watson and illustrated beautifully by Sally Augustiny.

Seemingly a simple ABC Christmas book at first glance, this book is so much more! The text rhymes, the pictures are joyous and celebratory, and the style of the 70s shines in all its vintage glory.

Beginning with “A is for angels,” ending with “Z is for zither—for carols, you know,” and including many delightful letters in between, this book is a charmer for all ages. Yes, ABC books can be fun to read!

Some of my favorite letters are in this spread above. Such a jolly season is depicted! There are letters that speak of decorating, some of the Nativity, and a few of Santa Claus and parties. This Golden Book is chock-full of the Christmas spirit. And did I mention it rhymes? I think that is my favorite part. Rhyming books are the best!

Golden Books can be so varied in style and subject that I think they often get overlooked. But oh the treats you find when you pick up a gem! ABC is for Christmas is gorgeous and a thrill to read and reread. Sally Augustiny is the illustrator, and although I was not familiar with her before, I love her dearly with these many charming pages. I had a difficult time finding anything about her except that she was born in 1928 and perhaps is still living (and now I can’t even find where I read that, my apologies). I’ll continue to search and update if I find more; but for now, I will simply treasure the delights her colorful images give.

Jane Werner Watson was unfortunately difficult to find information on as well. As far as I can tell she was the original editor of the first 12 Little Golden Books from 1942. She is responsible for many classic Golden Books including The Fuzzy Duckling, My Little Golden Book About God, The Lion’s Paw and more. Her writing is tight and enjoyable and I would say the fact that a lot of her books are classics, speaks volumes about her talents as an author.

Check out ABC is for Christmas and pick up some new ideas about what Christmas, and the alphabet, are all about this season!

Follow along our book adventure at 25 Days of Christmas Books.

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