25 Days – Book 15: Toot & Puddle, I’ll Be Home For Christmas

Day 15 and this is one of my favorite books and authors/illustrators: I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Holly Hobbie. Another in the Toot & Puddle series, this book brings you back to Woodcock Pocket with the two delightful pigs and their parrot, Tulip.

Christmas is coming and the adventurous Toot is away on one of his many world trips. Puddle keeps receiving messages that Toot promises to be home by Christmas, but the days continue to tick on while Puddle does as many preparations as he can while waiting.

There are postcards and emails from Toot sprinkled throughout as Puddle anxiously watches for him to arrive. Alas, we get all the way up to Christmas Eve without a sign of Toot. The tree is still waiting to be decorated, there is lots of freshly baked fruitcake, and a snowstorm has blanketed the Pocket making it hard for Toot to get home.

With a lucky present, a surprise visitor, and special holiday events, this story draws you into the anticipation and preparation the season is full of.

Holly Hobbie is one of my favorite illustrators and especially with her beloved Toot & Puddle pigs. Oh, I just love them! I’ve written about Ms. Hobbie before, so let us just gush over the art in this charming Christmas tale. Full of the fun tasks for the holiday season, coupled with wondering if Toot will make it home in time—this book is so sweet. Ms. Hobbie’s beautiful watercolors are stunning. I always want to cuddle the sweet little pigs in their winter gear. Her style is expressive with every marvelous facial expression the dear pigs give. I would seriously fill our entire home with prints from Holly Hobbie, if I didn’t have to destroy the books to get them!

Please check out Toot & Puddle books. I sincerely believe all ages will love these charming pigs. And especially cuddle up with this Christmas edition and pine for Toot’s homecoming along with dear little Puddle.

Follow along our book adventure at 25 Days of Christmas Books.

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