Book Review: Spring Is A New Beginning By Joan Walsh Anglund

It seems spring has finally found us here in the Southeast. Thankfully I also (re)discovered this little spring book in my tiny books basket. Measuring just 4″ x 6.75″ it truly is a darling book. There is just something about the small books that are perfect for little hands, feel like a small treasure, and almost always are incredibly heartwarming. Such is this one: Spring Is a New Beginning by Joan Walsh Anglund, 1963.

Anglund’s books are always dripping with adorably sweet characters that you just want to pinch for cuteness. Although the original dust jacket looks nice, I’m smitten with the small illustration imprinted on the hard cover. Overalls, a wagon, and a tiny flower plant… spring is here! I’m particularly fond of my used copy as the inscription on the inside just adds to the whole experience.

SpringAnglund 8

I can’t help but wonder who the dear ladies are who originally received this book hot off the press. I hope Ruby and Louise enjoyed their gift from Shirley, and I promise I’m giving it a good home.

As many of Anglund’s works tend to be, this book is really a sort of poem about the lovely season of spring and all that it brings.

SpringBeginAnglund 2
please excuse the tiny candle… I had a terrible time getting the book to stay open for pictures!

It is short and sweet, with intricately detailed illustrations that alternate being in a very springy two colors or black and white (a common technique in the past to save on printing costs).

SpringBeginAnglund 3

It speaks of the joyous spring days of nesting birds, new leaves, hunting wild strawberries, sailing boats, picking flowers, dipping eggs, and more. Although the text is lovely, the illustrations are even more wonderful. Anglund’s distinct characters have so much expression despite their lack of mouths and often noses too. They are very detailed with beautiful landscapes and backgrounds, and a plethora of lovable wildlife also discovering the newness of spring days.

SpringBeginAnglund 4
SpringBeginAnglund 5

I hope spring has found you too and brought with it the celebration of hope and new beginnings!

4 thoughts on “Book Review: Spring Is A New Beginning By Joan Walsh Anglund

  1. Hi, Caryn! I found you via Once Upon a Bookshelf, and I subscribed recently. I was excited to see this one! Anglund’s books are new to me, strangely enough. (I’m a vintage children’s book freak.) I really need to find some more of these. I love her little mouthless children, tee hee. Thank you for sharing!


      1. I see some of the faceless art coming out in scrapbook stamps etc. and it reminded me of this book that I had as a little girl. I am 54. So I went looking for this author and behold there was the same exact book with all the cute pictures I remember and the artist of the original “think about her smile” faces. What a smile to relive the book and find a distant friend. I even remember the threads that held this book together so simply. Thanks for the memories. Lynnette


  2. Caryn,

    I love your blog. I also love vintage children’s books and have my own small collection. I have several Anglund books (“A Friend Is Someone Who Likes You”, “Childhood Is a Time of Innocence”, “Christmas Is a Time of Giving” and like you “Spring Is a New Beginning”). I have been collecting them since I was a little girl. Many of mine are also inscribed, and I love that. Your post made me get them out and look at them. We miss seeing your family! God bless you!


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