Book Review: Alice In Wonderland By Jennifer Adams & Alison Oliver

It’s Friday, and as I prepare for a big post next week, I decided to present a short, light-hearted book today. I mentioned this book in my notable list from 2012, so I thought it might delight your day to get a peek inside if you haven’t seen it yet. A simplified twist on a beloved classic, this clever duo has taken on teaching colors through the fantastical story of Alice in Wonderland by Little Master Carroll as they call him. Let’s take a quick look at Alice in Wonderland by Jennifer Adams, art by Alison Oliver, 2012.

This is such a fun concept and a very fun way to introduce wee ones to the classics. The story of Alice in Wonderland is broken down into the most simplest of parts and combined with bold, fun, and gorgeous art. I don’t think you can get much simpler of a version of Alice in Wonderland as “White Rabbit,” “Black Shoes,” “Pink Flamingos,” and so on.

Alice 2

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that these books are most definitely made more for the parents than the babies. My daughter really didn’t latch on to these right away, but now she seems quite intrigued by the images and the colors are all kinds of delightful to her.

Alice 3

Personally, I love reading this! It is so fascinating to think about such a long story condensed so greatly, but still having the main parts. It is like a super basic outline. Perhaps there is some great psychological study behind them – that it will enhance the child’s recollection and outlining skills in the future, who knows! I do think it is interesting to think of the fun that can be had making up your own story with all these elements. So, although it is a board book, an older age might enjoy it even more… food for thought! I also find it fascinating that the only parts of Alice that you actually see are her white tights and black shoes. This is a book for the other characters.

Alice 4

I’m a big fan of this BabyLit book series. I’ve often recounted how the best writers are the ones who can edit, and edit, and edit. Jennifer Adams is one of them. She has edited this so much, one would hardly think anything is there at all. But instead, she hands it off to a hugely talented artist in Alison Oliver and they recreate this great “classic.”

On a side note, I wouldn’t recommend using this particular book as your only way to introduce color to your offspring. It might be a bit confusing since the colors stated aren’t typically the star of the page they rest on. This is just a fun breakdown of a classic story and a way to enjoy a beautifully illustrated book with your little one.

I hope you are having a very colorful Friday, but one that doesn’t involve all the craziness of Alice’s adventure!

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