25 Days – Book 21: A Homemade Together Christmas

It is the home-stretch to Christmas in our book countdown! And I have a lovely new book from this year to share! A story about a dapper pig family and loving, homemade, thoughtful gifts; this is A Homemade Together Christmas by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, 2015.

I fell completely in love with this book with our first read-through. From the adorable illustrations full of patterns and small details, surrounded by ample white space; to the endearing storyline about giving gifts that are not only thoughtful, but completely homemade.

25DaysDay21HomemadeChristmas 2

Not to mention Rosie, the sister pig, is a fashion double for my oldest daughter!

25DaysDay21HomemadeChristmas 4

The storyline revolves around a small pig family who decide to have a completely homemade Christmas because the homemade things are always the best. However, Luca, the youngest pig, doesn’t quite know what gift he can create for his family. He struggles for days to come up with a gift, writing every big and little idea down on pieces of paper. He asks for help from his sister, mom, and dad; and while they all give sweet suggestions, nothing resonates until the very last minute.

25DaysDay21HomemadeChristmas 5

So many things I love about this book! We love homemade gifts in our family and it is very true that they are always the best gifts. I love the thought and heart that goes into each family member’s gift. There is personality in each gift that speaks to the character and heart of the giver. I long for my gifts to always be something thoughtful, even if not homemade, and not just a gift to be given because it is a gift-giving occasion. Even though the subject of the book is about “homemade,” the key to the book and the holiday importance is really the “Together” part.

Happy last week of Advent. Hope to see you in the next few days, and last couple books for Christmas!

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