25 Days – Book 22: When Santa Was A Baby

Three days until Christmas and four books to go for the picture book countdown. Today’s book is one that I spied at a conference early this year and have been so excited to see it come out. Though I must admit, it isn’t really the story that I was excited about it, but more the illustrations. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to no one. This is a book about Santa from birth to how he grew to become the famed Santa Claus. Here is When Santa Was a Baby by Linda Bailey, illustrated by Geneviève Godbout, 2015.

This book delights my almost four year old immensely. We have just entered a phase where one of her favorite questions is “What were you like as a baby?” so a book that answers that question about a famous character like Santa is right up her alley!

25DaysDay22SantaBaby 2

The story is cute and sweet, including things like Santa’s unmistakable “Ho, Ho, Ho!” laugh even at a young age, and his penchant for giving away gifts to kids, and his love of cold weather versus warm.

25DaysDay22SantaBaby 3

But the illustrations are definitely my favorite. I have been following Geneviève Godbout on social media for at least a year now and I love her work. While Santa isn’t my favorite subject that she has illustrated, I love to admire anything she puts out. Her characters are so adorably proportioned and I love the texture and colors of her art.

25DaysDay22SantaBaby 4

I specifically love how Santa’s parents are pictured by Godbout. Round and jolly is a perfect set of genes for Santa to come from!

25DaysDay22SantaBaby 5

This is a cute book to add to the enjoyment of the Santa stories and I support any of the lovely work coming from this illustrator!

See you tomorrow as we count closer to Christmas!

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