Book Review: Papillon, The Very Fluffy Kitty By A. N. Kang + Giveaway!

I’m so excited to share this adorable book about a very fluffy kitty today. Papillon is so incredibly light and fluffy, he can float and fly in the air – a delightful trick that annoys his owner and creates the greatest adventure of his life. It is a silly story, full of darling illustrations, ending on a note of  friendship. Allow me to introduce you to Papillon: The Very Fluffy Kitty by A. N. Kang, 2016. And check out the end of the post for a fun giveaway sponsored by Disney-Hyperion!

Papillon 3

The story of Papillon is quite simple. He is a beloved, extremely fluffy kitty. His fluffiness makes him lighter than air and impossible for him to stay on the ground. His owner, Miss Tilly, fears that he will float away and become lost. She tries to stuff him with food to make him heavier, but that doesn’t work. And then she happens upon the discovery that weighting him down with something is the solution.

Papillon 5

Papillon is not thrilled. He becomes stubborn, as cats are wont to do. So Miss Tilly leaves for an errand. Papillon enjoys himself in all sorts of activities and then he discovers a little red bird. Surprisingly, Papillon the cat doesn’t seem to think of the bird as food, but instead wants it to be a friend. He follows it when it flies away and his floating leads to disaster. He gets lost, terrified, and nearly eaten. He doesn’t know how to weight himself down well enough and he doesn’t know how to get home anyway. But it turns out that he has a new friend and he knows exactly what to do.

Papillon 6

I fell in love with this cat upon first glimpsing the cover. What a darling creature! I absolutely adore Kang’s illustrations. And the color palette is so well done, expressing the moods of Papillon on each spread. There are almost monochromatic pages with little color occurring, and then pages of pops of color when things get interesting, crazy, or scary. And the little bird is such a solid piece of color, no wonder he catches Papillon’s eye.

Papillon 7

I think the book is incredibly charming and a very fun read. When I tested it on my girls, they thought the ending was hysterical. I love Papillon’s cat-ness – slightly aloof, stubborn, eyes closed and nose in the air. It fits a cat. And it also fits children pretty darn well. Not wanting to do what seems best for them. Adventuring beyond their capabilities and getting into major scraps. This is one of the reasons Papillon’s tale is so enjoyable. It is relatable. It is adorable, cartoony, funny, scary (but not too scary), and ultimately, it is safe. Papillon is not alone in the world with his hard-to-manage self. He has a home. He has help from his owner and he has a new friendship in the little bird. An unlikely pairing for sure.

Papillon 8

This is A. N. Kang’s first book! I was sincerely charmed by the illustrations. I really loved Papillon and feel his light story fits him well. I would also love to see more depth to Kang’s stories. I think her clean and attractive illustration style would balance well with a meatier plot. I can’t wait to see what she creates next.


Disney-Hyperion provided me with an author photo and her blurb:

A. N. Kang was born in a little town in South Korea, with endless rice fields around her house. She grew up entertaining herself with picture books, and drew constantly. After moving to the United States as a teenager, she graduated from art school and began to design jewelry, greeting cards, and holiday installations all over New York City. She now lives and works in New Jersey with her sassy cat, Papillon. This is Kang’s debut.”

I found her bio to be delightful, especially considering she herself is the owner of a cat by the same name! I do however wish there was a photo of her very own Papillon….

Giveaway Details! (closed)

And now, I am delighted that Disney-Hyperion not only gifted me a copy of sweet Papillon, but is also offering one of my lucky readers a copy. AND you get a cool magnet sheet too!


Thanks to everyone who commented and entered. The winner has been chosen and contacted! So here is the deal, leave a comment below by Sunday, September 11, 11:59pm EST, and I will pick one winner Monday morning. (If possible, leave an email for me to contact you, either in your comment or as part of your sign in.) Open to U.S. residents only (sorry international friends!). Hope you love this fluffy kitty as much as we do!

P.S. I cannot resist sharing the hardcover design underneath the dust jacket. I adore it and my girls ask again and again to see it. Such a surprise pop of bright color and the handsome Papillon just doing his thing. But look closely – his friend is there too! Hurrah for great undies!

Papillon 2










16 thoughts on “Book Review: Papillon, The Very Fluffy Kitty By A. N. Kang + Giveaway!

  1. Going to put this book in my “cart” but will hope maybe I will win?! My 3.5 year old LOVES cats—probably because we don’t have one and I am very allergic to them:( Poor G…but I give in to his love for these allergy inducing little animals and buy him books and stuffed animals. Just got him one yesterday in fact! And I must admit–I fell in love with “Come to the Doctor, Harry” by Mary Chalmers…if only all cats could wear hats and have Harry’s personality:)


  2. Looks cool. Thanks for hosting the give-away.

    By the way, you were right about Bloom. What an amazing book with a great message. We love it! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Do you and your girls like fairy tales like those drawn by Paul O. Zelinsky? I keep trying to find more in his style. Any recommendations?


    1. Thanks Corrie! My girls aren’t very into traditional fairy tales yet, (they love to listen to Grover from Sesame Street tell his version of fairy tales on vintage albums. Ha!)

      Similar to Zelinsky’s style, my absolute favorites would be anything illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman: Little Red Riding Hood, St. George & the Dragon, Rapunzel, Snow White, The Sleeping Beauty, Kitchen Stork, The Kitchen Knight.… She has a ton and I love anything illustrated by her. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs illustrated by Nancy Ekholm Burkert is beautiful. Many Moons by James Thurber is pretty fantastic, but different style. Tom Thumb by Richard Jesse Watson is supposed to be great. Also The Twelve Dancing Princesses illustrated by K. Y. Craft is lovely.

      If you want more suggestions, check the SurLaLune Fairy Tales Blog ( and this post by Kate Forsyth is pretty great ( Hope that helps!


  3. Love reading your takeaway from books you discover, especially when you describe your girls reactions! You can even make me fall in love with fliffy kitty, which is surprising, knowing I don’t like ’em. This one looks fluffy enough to open the book and cuddle up for a little while!


  4. I love opening your e-mails and seeing what book you have for us. My students would love listening to this fun story. Thank you for hosting a give away.


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