25 Days – Book 13: It’s Christmas

Day 13 is a good day for poetry. Christmas poetry that is. And the funnier, the better. Enter Jack Prelutsky. His poetry is always hilarious, but also relatable. Let’s take a look at It’s Christmas by Jack Prelutsky, pictures by Marylin Hafner, 1981.

This poetry is not precious. It is not nostalgic or sentimental or sweet and charming. This poetry loves Christmas, but is completely honest and humorous about the joy, laughter, struggles, and chaos around it.

There are poems about long, extravagant lists with outrageous animal requests; too many Santas on every corner and store; mailing Christmas cards and forgetting all the stamps; singing Christmas carols when you all have terrible voices; and many, many more. These poems just make me laugh. It is a good stress relief from all the holiday planning (and currently: colds at our house).

Marylin Hafner is a beloved illustrator of over 100 books. She and Prelutsky collaborated on several holiday poetry collections like this one including It’s Valentine’s, It’s Halloween, and It’s Thanksgiving. I’m particularly drawn to her simply, comic illustration style. I love the use of a line outline and a limited, Christmassy color palette.

For some light-hearted holiday cheer, grab this poetry collection. I guarantee it will give you a few chuckles.

Officially over halfway to Christmas in our countdown!

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