25 Days – Book 17: Arthur’s Christmas

Day 17 brings a different Arthur series book than I’ve previously posted. I’m a big fan of Marc Brown’s illustration work, my most favorite probably being his In New York book from 2014, but I’m biased towards NYC literature anyway. I also loved the Arthur television series when I was a kid. But I had never seen this Christmas book about that famed Arthur. I hunted it down via the library and to be perfectly honest, I was kind of meh about it… until the very end. It warmed my heart. Take a look at Arthur’s Christmas by Marc Brown, 1984.

The premise of this book is simple—Christmas is approaching and Arthur is determined to give Santa an excellent present. He struggles to find just the right thing. His little sister, DW, is extremely annoyed at his obsession (but really, what isn’t she annoyed by?). Arthur is so preoccupied that he doesn’t participate in most Christmassy things as he listens, watches and searches for the best gift. Even the Santa at the store doesn’t help him out.

As Christmas comes close, he finally has a brainstorm. DW reluctantly lends him money to accomplish his goal; and then she does the sweetest little sister thing that you would never expect of her.

Something about the ending to this book really touched my heart. I was not expecting a selfless act by such a spoiled, stubborn little girl. It was truly heartwarming. While I wouldn’t count this as a favorite Christmas picture book for me, I will remember it and think fondly of the ending. If you are an Arthur fan, I suggest checking it out. Or if you just need to remember that even difficult little sisters have their sweet moments too.

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