25 Days – Book 23: Angelina’s Christmas

Day 23 is here and in all the hustle and bustle of finishing out the season, it is a good time to stop and think about those who have no one to share the holiday with. For this there is a book like Angelina’s Christmas by Katharine Holabird, illustrations by Helen Craig, 1985.

Angelina Ballerina is quite a classic book these days. Both of my girls stereotypically love ballet, all of their own accord (though I think my second was heavily influenced by my first’s obsession). We only have the first Angeline book and it is a good fit for our ballet lovers. I picked up this Christmas one from the library this year. In my opinion, it does not hold as strong of a story as the first Angelina book; but it is a sweet book about caring.

Angelina’s school and town are happily preparing for Christmas. The town is decked out and warm with lights, all except for the last cottage. Angelina is curious about who lives there and learns from her parents that it is the old postman who is now too old to deliver mail, and quite alone. Angelina and her cousin Henry decide to bring him cheer.

They prepare cookies, pies, and fruit and cut down a tree to brighten his home.

When they visit and present him with their festive preparations, he is delighted and in turn regales them with stories of being a postman and especially dressing as Santa one year. Henry is smitten, as well as Angelina and they determine to coax him out again to join the town festivities.

I adore Helen Craig’s illustrations. She is masterful at details, focus, and breaking boundaries. Her illustrations are by far my favorite part of any Angelina book and this one is no exception. We have been poring over the pages all month. And the tender story of bringing someone back into the community fellowship is one to keep with us all year long.

Two more days to go!

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