25 Days – Book 16: Kitten Construction Company

Today’s book is just plain adorable and fun. A graphic novel about house kittens who just want to be taken seriously and build something fantastic. It’s clever, cute, and makes you think twice about the ridiculous names humans give pets! Check out Kitten Construction Company: Meet the House Kittens by John Patrick Green, 2018.

What is it about?

The city of Mewburg is planning a big construction project: to build a new mayor’s mansion. Marmalade is an architect who presents the best plans the city planner has ever seen. But Marmalade is a cat and no one is able to take her seriously. While drowning her sorrows in a saucer of milk, another cat overhears her grumbling and sympathizes. He is trained as an electrician, but only gets hired to lick dishes. What’s a cat to do?

Start a kitten construction company of course! They find another cat friend while they plan, a qualified plumber, and the three set out to make a go of the new business. Stumbling upon a job site, they manage to get hired only to discover it is the plans for the actual new mayor’s mansion and the whole thing is going to be a disaster. They try to warn the crew, but no one will listen because they are just adorable cats. They make a plan to build their own version and hopefully save the city project. 

Why I picked it

If you know me well, you are probably familiar with my love of graphic novels. They are one of my favorite formats for books. And I love them for kids too! Pre-readers love graphic novels because they can figure out most of the story by just studying the panels. And early readers can follow the flow really well by studying the panels and picking out as much of the dialogue as possible. Much more of the story is told in a graphic novel via pictures and it feels like such a grown-up thing to read. I personally love graphic novels because the art is always so full and the paneled structure is very intriguing. It is a beautiful form of storytelling and highly connective for this visual person.

This book is a great younger graphic novel. It is adorable and the story isn’t super long. It goes quickly and is fun to read. And the premise is just hysterical and yes, adorable. 

I also really enjoy John Patrick Green’s work. I never got to review it from 2016, but his first graphic novel, Hippopotamister, was a summer favorite in our home. It is hilarious! His art is attractive and engaging. And I love his linework.

Who will love this?

The story of this graphic novel is geared towards 5-8 in my opinion. It isn’t deep or overally complicated, just a fun and clever read. My non-reader 4 year old loves to flip through it too, just keep in mind that it is long and unique to read-aloud to someone.

Bonus Gift Pairings

This book goes well with cat themes or construction themes. There are actually two picture books that have a cat and construction theme: Construction Cats and Pete the Cat: Construction Destruction. Or you can go all out and make a construction set for a doll or stuffed kitten!

Hope you are enjoying all these unique finds! See you tomorrow for the next book from this year in my 25 Days of Favorite New Picture Books countdown!

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