25 Days – Book 23: Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian

The book for today is pure fun and joy. It is a delightful picture book/psuedo comic for bibliophiles. A story about an escaped evil inventor, troubled secret agents, and an undercover librarian who solves all the worlds problems with the perfect book at the perfect time. Check out Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian by Jacob Sager Weinstein, illustrated by Vera Brosgol, 2018.

What is it about?

The evil Doctor Glockenspiel has escaped from prison. The top secret agents have all been captured by his henchmen and he is threatening to destroy all the books in the world with giant moths. The world seems doomed, but someone keeps secretly handing out helpful books to those in trouble – working relationship book for the henchmen, picking locks book for the secret agents… – books appear thanks to an odd janitor, jailer, plumber, and more…. Only the reader knows the masterfully disguised lay-people are none other than Lyric McKerrigan, Secret Librarian!

Why I picked it

I could not resist checking this book out when I stumbled upon it. One of my favorite illustrators, Vera Brosgol; and a book about loving to read and protecting books. Fantastic! I am a huge fan of Brosgol’s art, from her awesome graphic novels to her famous picture book that was a reigning favorite of my youngest for several months. This book is just so much fun. You can’t go wrong with a hilarious good vs. evil graphic story in bold illustrations and quirky humor. While the text is not in-depth and reads like a deep-voiced narrated comic, it is a fast-paced journey of action, jokes, disguises, and more.

Who will love this?

This books is most definitely for book lovers. It is for people who love jokes, and especially book jokes. It is for people who enjoy secret agent stories and odd heroes. The text is short enough for reading aloud to a young age, though the content might be over their head. Regardless, you’ll hear snickers from unsuspecting adults when you read this aloud and children of all ages will be delighted by the bold illustrations and the surprising hero. Don’t forget this one for your favorite librarian too!

Bonus Gift Pairings

Absolutely have to pair this book with a pair of disguise glasses! And I adore these library card socks, a perfect addition to your undercover bibliophile outfit.

Two more days, two more books. See you tomorrow for the next book from this year in my 25 Days of Favorite New Picture Books countdown!

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