25 Days – Book 24: Mousie, I Will Read To You

Today’s book is a brand new publication from 2018. A beautiful, heartwarming story about a daddy mouse who loves to read to his baby as he grows. Delight in Mousie, I Will Read To You by Rachael Cole & Melissa Crowton, 2018.

What is it about?

“Long before the words make sense, Mousie,
I will read to you…”

These beautiful words accompany the first illustration where a father mouse is reading to a swaddled baby mouse. With every page turn, we see the baby growing and the father talking about all the things they do and how he will read to the baby through every change.

He talks of different styles of things to read and whisper to the mouse: lullabies, poems, sentences, words and more words that the mouse will soon be echoing. He will write those down and together they will continue to explore the rhythm of the world and the words of books. And then the mouse will be reading on his own, reading things the father mouse has never known and eventually he will be reading to his own baby and in a most beautiful and poetic way, the story begins all over again.

Why I picked it

I have been following Melissa Crowton’s work for a while, ever since I met her at an SCBWI conference. This is her debut picture book and an amazing start to her book portfolio! Rachael Cole has created a sweet, but not saccharine, story arc that is engaging and nostalgic and thoughtful. Some books along this theme tend to be more for the adults reading them and trying not to cry, than for the children listening. But Cole’s words do a lovely job of carrying the story along well for both adult and child. And Crowton’s illustrations are so beautiful and interesting to engage. Her compositions are marvelous and though her work is digital, it has excellent texture and style. The color palette is particularly lovely too. She has a fantastic mixture of pastel backgrounds with more bold and vibrant colors in the foreground. I love reading this book with its loving narration and soothing rhythm combined with excellent illustrations.

Who will love this?

This is a wonderful new baby gift. Thoughtful and sweet for expectant families. But it also works wonderfully for nearly any age as it is loving and thoughtful. Bookmark this one for a sweet sentiment to be gifted for any occasion.

Bonus Gift Pairings

I always love a sweet softie to go with a baby gift. This little stuffed mouse is positively adorable and would be a sweet accompaniment. For an older child, I love these Maileg mice and think this father mouse and baby mouse would be a spectacular combo!

One more day in 2018. See you tomorrow for the last book from this year in my 25 Days of Favorite New Picture Books countdown!

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