Review: Share Some Kindness Bring Some Light By Apryl Stott

December has begun! I have a few new books to share as great gift ideas, hopefully soon. But to start off the wintery, holiday season – I cannot wait to share this story with you. A new find for me and a semi-new release from 2020, this book is about expressing kindness, and ultimately about friendship. Check out this lovely book, Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light by Apryl Stott, 2020.

Coco balancing on a log with Bear watching.

Coco and Bear are friends and they like a lot of things about each other. But Bear is sad that the other animals don’t know all the good things about him. In fact, they are afraid of him. Coco is shocked at this news and after comforting Bear, decides to do something to change their minds.

Coco remembering her grandma's quote stitched in an embroidery hoop while Bear looks thoughtful.

She remembers what her grandma always says:

“When life gets dark as winter’s night, share some kindness, bring some light.”

And the two brainstorm how they can share kindness and bring light.

Coco and Bear attempting to deliver cookies and lanterns to three different animals who all look horrified.

They decide to bake cookies and make lanterns to share. But none of the animals respond as they hoped. Dejected and headed home, they are surprised to hear a cry for help. Rushing to lend a helping hand ends up changing the story and everyone’s definition of sharing kindness.

Coco and Bear looking surprised by the call for help and Coco up to her waist in a drift of snow.

What a delightful little story! I was immediately hooked by this book when I saw the illustrations. Absolutely fantastic characters that are so cute and so friendly. I just love them. And though the story follows a typical arc; it works and is sweet with a tiny bit of surprise as well. There is cuteness and sweetness without being too saccharine and has just the right bit of humor added in.

I really do think the illustrations are the star here. Coco is adorable in her tutu, boots and hat and the outfit makes me quite nostalgic for my not-so-little-anymore ones’ younger ensembles. And Bear truly looks like a lovable giant. One of my favorite details is actually the cross-stitch illustration when Coco is remembering her grandma’s saying. What a clever and delightful way to show the quote! And I am incredibly partial to the two spreads without any words. I adore a great illustration pause and the charm of the scenes is swoon-worthy.

Well done Apryl Stott. This is an excellent book for any wintery occasion. Not tied to any particular holiday, but greatly captures the winter theme of light that so many holidays share. Check this one out right away! I think you’ll love it too. Happy wintering!

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