Review: Rectangle Time By Paul & Cameron

One of our family favorite books from last year, Rectangle Time makes us laugh with every read. A story about a cat trying to make sense of a child learning to read, this book will send you into giggles. Take a peek at Rectangle Time by Pamela Paul, pictures by Becky Cameron, 2021.

Dad and son pulling a book off a shelf and the cat spying them.

The story is really very simple and all told from the family cat’s perspective. It opens with the cat spying the dad and son bringing out a rectangle. The cat loves this time of day: Rectangle Time! The cat explains all about Rectangle Time and even the role it plays in helping with Rectangle Time.

Dad and boy reading while the cat sneaks in and rubs on the edges of the book (rectangle).

But then things start to look a little different. The dad and boy take turns while reading, and it progresses all the way to the boy reading on his own and even the rectangles get smaller. It is a hilarious plot with completely believable narration from the cat about what is happening and how he won’t take it personally when he is brushed off.

The boy is reading on the floor and the cat sneaks up and surprises him by peeking over the book edge.

This really is such a simple and hilarious book. We all laugh many times. And I am sincerely amazed at how well Pamela Paul has created the text. It feels like a cat wrote it, if that even makes sense to write.

And I will forever be a big fan of Becky Cameron’s work. Her characters are just darling and I find myself poring over each spread to understand how she strips it down to the perfect layout for storytelling.

The boy reading in an armchair, cat interrupts and the boy moves him off and walks away. The cat pretends to not be offended.

Rectangle Time is a high recommendation from last year. It’s one of those great books that just about everyone will love. The cat is the perfect focus of the story, while it celebrates the joy of reading – aloud and even alone. I also particularly loved spying what different books are being read throughout the story! Such fun easter egg kind of details. It is a pleasant and enjoyable read, over and over again.

Grab this one for you or as a gift. I know you’ll love it.

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